Thursday, 5 October 2017


“Hatred is like Acid- it will eat into your soul and kill you before you die.”- J.M. White

She was an Acid burn subject like sulfur and blazing magma;
What would you do if you did not have a face?
She always observed the abilities of the developing human race-
Her looks tainted from acid; she became an enigma.

At the cemetery she searched for purpose in the cruel world-
Digging deep within the soul, disfigured- scarred face and body;
Death had become a way of life- not having a typical exterior anymore occurred;
Made unsightly by someone who wanted her on a path of destruction oddly.

She was searching humbly for love in the wrong place-
He was a predator who wanted her to himself in space.
When they met face-to-face, he burnt her skin bitterly to kill her grace;
O melted her visage and made her scarred without a trace; O slowed her pace.

How could there be so many of the planet that look like her natural body?
How could the wicked destroy her after trust so she thought exchange her soul?
To the Aliens to live in a different world away from the murderous Zombie;
To be somebody else in another life of paradise into outer space of bituminous coal.

What evil games people played that took her nowhere like a Black Hole-
She gave her spirit to the Alien divinity to live in another unlike globe-
From Jack Boy Hill to a place where she could be the perfect woman;
Never back to the person she was before- to the unearthly she summoned.

The former earth was a slumbering kid that she looked on at in her new place-
She hated it that left her disgraced that she had erased.
In the fresh globe she descended from creatures above the Great Kármán line
Towards the interstellar through the intergalactic dust never looking back at time.
Out of the darkness into the Light. O Buckminsterfullerene!
All of the beautiful people who looked at her in her ancient face
Were left behind in the planet of bereavement for her it did not embrace;
She loved belonging in this new special zone with her memory trace.

No more alienation from populaces in the ocean of emptiness;
She let go of past memories of nothingness.
Once she burnt to learn-
Never again would she ever to that position return!

Written by: K.V.Volney 

© Krystal Volney